Chemical Peel Details

At The Dr. Weber Cosmetic Clinic, we are happy to offer one of the best chemical peel products on the market today. Combining the medical-grade Jessner peel with take-home products, your skin will be soft, smooth, and restored with just two resurfacing sessions and a 16-week regimen of up-keep at home. They also offer a milder peel that can be performed monthly.

A chemical peel smoothens the texture of your skin and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by chemically causing the uppermost layer of dead skin to peel and slough off, revealing the smooth, healthy skin underneath. Depending on the type of chemical peel, different combinations of acids are applied to the skin, with varying results. The Jessner peel consists of a solution of 14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid, and 14% resorcinol in an ethanol base. These natural acids permeate the uppermost layers of dermis only, largely preventing unwanted reactions such as severe redness and blistering, and gently loosen the dead skin cells. Additional ingredients, including panthenol and peptides, soothe the skin and prevent inflammation, making it the ideal choice for those with more sensitive skin.

The in-clinic sessions take only fifteen minutes, and have minimal side effects compared to most chemical peel treatments, although you make experience some minor redness and flaking for a few days after the treatment. You will also be encouraged to take home SkinTx range of products to additionally enhance your skin’s natural beauty. These medical grade products work together with the Jessner peel to safely and effectively correct skin blemishes, including hyperpigmentation, acne, irregular skin tone, sunspots, and elasticity at the cellular level. Once the skin has healed, you will see a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smaller pores, firmer, tighter skin, a reduction in acne, and a beautiful, youthful glow.

Get your no-obligation personalized chemical peel consultation today by calling Dr. Weber’s Cosmetic & Facial Rejuvenation Clinic at 705-828-3223, or take advantage of our easy online booking system.

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