introduction to laser hair removal


Over the course of their lifetime, women are said to spend 72 days and over $10,000 on hair removal – and that’s just legs. This time and expense has caused many to search for more permanent solutions, and here at Dr. Stacie Weber’s Cosmetic & Facial Rejuvenation Clinic, we are thrilled to offer you the Acclaim 7000 Nd-Yag medical grade laser hair removal system. This machine can be used on all skin types and areas. The Acclaim 7000 Nd-Yag can be used to eliminate hair occurring anywhere on the body, giving you smooth skin and saving you time and money.

Some laser hair removal treatments can damage skin, or may not target the hair follicle effectively, allowing hair to regrow. But with the Acclaim 7000 Nd-Yag medical grade laser hair removal system and our dedicated and experienced hair removal professionals, you can experience all the benefits with our safe and non-invasive treatments.

Find out how you can say goodbye to the razor and hello to laser, with a complimentary consultation.                 Call 705-828-3223 or request your appointment online today.

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