Laser Hair Removal Recovery

One of the reasons you may be considering laser hair removal is because of the pain and irritation from waxing and tweezing. So how does the Acclaim Nd-Yag 7000 compare? Some clients may experience a small level of discomfort during the Laser Hair Removal Treatment, feeling a mild tingling, a slight, inoffensive pinch, or the feeling of snapping rubber bands, depending on the sensitivity of the skin in the area treated. Most people, however, consider the discomfort of laser hair removal to be far less that alternate hair removal methods.

The Acclaim Nd-Yag 7000 is one of the safest laser hair removal treatments on the market, with minimal risk of infection or blistering when performed by a trained and experienced clinician. While some may experience slight irritation, redness, or swelling immediately after the treatment, this generally subsides within a few days, and can be alleviated with moisturizing creams and cool compresses. This is a natural side effect of the concentrated light being absorbed by the skin around the follicle, and should not be a cause for concern. However, in rare cases, swelling and blistering may be experienced. Almost all severe side effects of laser hair removal can be minimized with experienced and properly trained clinicians. It is very important to get treated at a regulated, reputable clinic such as Dr. Weber’s.

Dr. Weber Clinic plans out the laser hair removal in stages, to effectively target each hair in the right phase of growth. After the first set of treatments, you should be able to enjoy smooth skin, with yearly touch-ups needed to ensure hair growth does not restart.

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