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Having lush, dark, full lashes can cause a dramatic change to the face, making the eyes seem wider, larger, and more beautiful. Unfortunately, few of us are genetically blessed with naturally full lashes, and mascara and false eyelashes can only go so far.

Latisse is the only FDA and Health Canada approved topical treatment for sparse, thin, or short eyelashes and eyebrows, called hypotrichosis. Like all hair, your eyelashes can thin over time, making your eyes appear duller and less alert. With Latisse, your eyes will look red-carpet ready – all the time.

Latisse works because of the active ingredient bimatoprost. Applied directly to the base of the upper lash, Latisse stimulates hair growth, causing your lashes to come in fuller and grow out longer over twelve to sixteen weeks. If for any reason you want to stop treatments, your eyelashes natural growth cycle will resume, and effects will fade in a few weeks.

Whether your eyelashes have thinned with age or are just naturally more sparse, Latisse can dramatically change your look with one daily application. Latisse is not for everyone, so let Dr. Weber’s Cosmetic Clinic help you determine if luscious lashes are in your future.

To learn if Latisse treatments are right for you call 705-828-3223 or complete our short booking form to request your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Weber.

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