Latisse Costs

During your complimentary, no-obligation consultation, Dr. Weber or her trained staff/team will go over your medical history to determine any possible reasons Latisse may not be right for you, review your expectations for the product, and thoroughly inform you of any potential side effects.

As Latisse is only a semi-permanent solution, you are free to use the product only as long as you believe the effects to be worthwhile and within your budget, although we advise that you use the product for at least four months to ensure you see the full and remarkable results of Latisse.

If you think that Latisse is right for you, contact Dr. Weber’s Cosmetic and Facial Rejuvenation Clinic today.

Just call 705.828.3223 or fill in our secure online appointment request form to book your appointment and take the first step in getting lush, long lashes.

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