Soft Lift Treatment Costs

Soft Lift combines the effects of two great products – Botox and Juvederm – to give the appearance of a facelift without having to have surgery. Each Soft Lift procedure is individualized to your specific needs, addressing only the issues you want addressed. As a result, costs vary depending on the amount of injectables of each type required.

Your individualized Soft Lift treatment will be developed in conjunction with Dr. Stacie Weber during your complimentary, no obligation consultation. During the consultation, Dr. Weber will discuss your specific problem areas, your ultimate goals, and your lifestyle factors, to determine which  Soft Lift package will suit your specific needs. Dr. Weber will review your medical history and answer any question you may have about the treatment or the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic itself.

This initial consultation is important for ensuring you have no contraindications to the procedure, making sure you are comfortable with and informed about the treatment plan, clinic, and staff, and set out a long term plan for your future.

To get started, just call Dr. Weber’s Cosmetic and Facial Rejuvenation Clinic at 705.828.3223, or use our handy and secure online form to book your appointment today.

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