introduction to Hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis is a very real and often embarrassing problem, but luckily, it is a problem that can be managed. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is caused by an over-reaction of the sympathetic nervous system. This causes the body to sweat more than is required to regulate body temperature. This excessive sweating may not be curbed by even the strongest anti-perspirants.

Hyperhidrosis can affect sufferers severely, and may require profound lifestyle changes, from not being able to wear certain types of clothes to avoiding certain social or work situations. It can also hamper your feelings of confidence and self-esteem. However, there is a solution.

At the Dr. Weber Cosmetic Clinic, we offer easy and effective Botox treatments for those who suffer from excessive sweating from the underarms, and which may be covered by your insurance policy. Take back your life today!

Find out more about our hyperhidrosis treatments with a complimentary consultation. Request your appointment online, or call 705-828-3223, and start on your way to a more confident you.

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