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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

The Dr. Stacie Weber Cosmetic & Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Barrie, Ontario specializes in non-surgical procedures that will enliven your face and bring out a fresher, more youthful you. Founded in 2005, the cosmetic clinic offers personalized and affordable cosmetic solutions to address a wide range of conditions.

Over the years, we have discovered that many patients are more concerned with how wrinkles make them look then the underlying issues that caused the wrinkles. As we grow older, the effects of free radical damage (caused by the sun, smoking or environmental pollutants), and the natural process of collagen losing its elastic properties, coupled with repetitive facial expressions produce facial lines and wrinkles that can impact self-confidence and the way we look at ourselves.

We understand that when you feel better about yourself, you communicate this through a glowing sense of joy and wellbeing that shines through – emitting positive energy. This positive energy is the most important ingredient in human attractiveness.

Dr. Weber will make you feel more beautiful than you ever have before – with treatments that complement cosmetic plastic surgery such as face, neck and eye lifts.

Cosmetic Procedure Specialties

Botox Injections
Treatments with safe, practically painless Botox injections will keep your skin looking supple and radiant all year round. The most trusted method of smoothing out the effect of contorted facial muscles, such a minimizing a gummy grin or turning up the corners of your mouth, the product’s popularity has increased exponentially since it was approved for cosmetic use in 2001.

Juvederm & Restylane Fillers
Juvederm & Restylane fillers are ideal for chin augmentation, adding a dash of rejuvenating luster under the eyes, helping to shape and lift the face, as well as for fuller, more kissable lips. Extraordinarily popular at the moment, Dr. Weber will acquaint you with the benefits of each different filler product, to ensure that you receive the ideal treatment.

Soft Lift
A revolutionary treatment that blends the natural benefits of Botox with Juvederm, the Soft Lift procedure enhances the unique contours of your face to create a startling (but absolutely recognizable) new you. The treatment can eliminate deep wrinkles and circles under the eyes, while smoothing fine lines and adding volume to lips, cheeks, jaw line, chin, etc

Latisse Eyelash Treatments
Get the long, thick eyelashes you have always dreamed of with safe, carefully supervised Latisse eyelash treatments. This remarkable medication stimulates significant lash growth within two months for noticeably longer, fuller and darker eyelashes.

Laser Hair Removal
Say goodbye to your razor and hello to flawlessly smooth skin. Our clinic is delighted to offer the services of Viola Woyce, who with 12 years of cosmetic and laser experience is a master with the quick and painless Acclaim 7000 Nd-Yag laser. Safely and permanently remove hair from: upper lip, under arms, chest and back, legs, bikini line, and arms.

Chemical Peels
Clear away dry or damaged cells and make way for a glistening new layer of skin. Dr. Weber offers a range of glycolic acid chemical peel treatments that are carefully calibrated to bring out the effect you desire.

Special Skin Care Products
Consult with Dr. Weber and discover the right medical grade skin care products to alleviate conditions like rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of aging with a range of natural vitamin and mineral rich skin creams and eye creams. Browse through a top selection of products from VivierSkin, including Platiné and SkinTx.

Excessive sweating can have a serious impact on your self-confidence, clothing choices, personal relationships, and even your career. Fortunately, Dr. Weber can help to minimize or alleviate hyperhidrosis with today’s most effective treatments.

EnVy Pillow
This soft, ergonomic pillow will ensure that you get your beauty sleep whether you’re at home or jet-setting the globe due to that it comes in a regular and travel size. Carefully designed to protect your face from wrinkle-causing contact with linen, you will want to take it with you everywhere.


A non-surgical treatment for the treatment of submental fullness caused by bulging fat (also known as subcutaneous fat). It involves an injection made into the area underneath your chin. Once injected, Belkyra works to break down the fat you don’t want under your chin. In one or more sessions, you’ll see that bulging fat slim down, giving you a firmer neck area you’ll love. You won’t have a double chin anymore.

Erbium Laser

This laser treatment is used to resurface the skin and help to reduce wrinkles, treat acne scarring, and pigmentation problems. As a result of removing the superficial layers of skin, new collagen and skin are regenerated. This process leads to a reduction in wrinkles, and a more even tone and texture to the skin. Atrophic acne scars are also lessened.

There are so many ways to put your best face forward – call to book a no-obligation cosmetic consultation today.




Botox® and filler reduces forehead lines and lifts eyebrows and DCL Skincare improves clarity, tone and texture of skin.