Botox® Injections

A prescription medicine that was approved for cosmetic use in 2001, Botox injections provide miraculous wrinkle fighting results and can work as an adjunct to plastic surgery. A type of protein, the product works to relax the tensed facial muscles that create frown lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles caused by habitual movement. By removing the emblems of stress, this process creates a visible serenity that can lead directly to enhanced peace of mind.

Botox® has changed the lives of millions of people during the past two decades. Dr. Weber has personally supervised hundreds of Botox treatments – and the effects can be quite remarkable. Visit our cosmetic procedure before and after gallery to get a sense of what this extraordinary product can do for your face.

Botox® injections are safe and virtually painless and the muscle-relaxing effects usually manifest themselves within 14 days, lasting anywhere from three to four months. One Botox® treatment per season should be enough to keep your skin looking smooth and supple every day of the year.

In many cases, Botox® also works wonderfully in tandem with Juvederm fillers. This combined procedure, called a Soft Lift, creates a natural, refreshed look that restores contour and suppleness to the cheeks, forehead and the area around the eyes – with none of the downsides of traditional plastic surgery. The SoftLift™ can work as a lovely adjunct to plastic surgery. Treat yourself to a Soft Lift™ and look great for 6 months to a year, or more!

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