EnVy Pillow


EnVy Ergonomic Sleep Pillow – Enhancing Your Sleep, Your Look & Your Life

The EnVy pillow is an essential part of a truly therapeutic beauty sleep regimen. Ergonomically designed to help you maintain the perfect sleeping position throughout the night, the pillow works to reduce or eliminate many of the “sleep lines” that used to be falsely attributed to aging. It is the ideal complement to rejuvenating Botox, Filler or Soft Lift treatments, and is a prime anti-aging tool in its own right.

We all know the crucial role sleep plays in maintaining health and lustrous skin – but recent studies are changing the traditional notion of a “good night’s sleep.” Of course, getting enough sleep (and making certain that it is a deep sleep) is still very important – but all of that face time with the wrong pillow can really take its toll. The skin on your cheeks, nose and forehead is extremely delicate – it was never meant to brush up against rough linen for hours at a time. The EnVy wellness pillow provides chiropractor endorsed neck, head and spinal support, and works effortlessly to limit face-to-pillow contact. Moreover, its advanced memory foam construction makes it the most comfortable pillow you will ever use.

EnVy Travel pillow comes with a handy, gentle and eco-friendly 100% bamboo pillowcase and rolls up neatly so that you can take it with you wherever you go. Offering sculpted neck support, sloped ergonomic sides and unprecedented softness and breathability, the pillow is guaranteed to deliver the best night’s sleep and the freshest morning skin of your life.

Get a beautiful night’s sleep and put your best face forward. Call to order your EnVy Pillow today.