Laser Services

The Acclaim 7000 Nd-Yag medical grade laser hair removal system, can help you achieve the smooth skin you want, without repetitive shaving.

Spas and salons typically use lower spa-grade lasers, which may slow down hair growth or injure the follicle. The Acclaim 7000 Nd-Yag treatments offer a safe, non-invasive, long-term cosmetic solution to the inconvenience of unwanted hair on all body parts and all skin types.

Dr. Weber’s clinic is proud to bring the services of  Viola Woyce.

Viola Woyce has over 12 years of cosmetic and laser experience. She continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge through ongoing educational training and seminars that keep her up to date on new technology.  Viola has always felt that “We are all beautiful, but sometimes it takes a little encouragement to help us see it”. Viola looks forward to working with you find the best laser solution to meet your goals.

Put your best face and body forward – call to book your laser hair removal treatment today.