introduction to Latisse

Latisse Eyelash Treatments

An exciting alternative to eyelash extensions, Latisse is used to treat hypotrichosis and can provide users with thick, dark, vibrant lashes that bring out eye colour and help provide definition to your eyes.

Latisse is a prescription medication that uses bimatoprost to increase the growth cycle of your eyelashes and enhance their overall impact. Latisse is applied directly to the skin of the upper eyelid, at the base of the eyelashes, using the supplied applicator, blotting excess solution. The drops are easy to use, self-applied on a daily basis for at least 12 weeks for full effects.

Your complimentary consultation with Dr. Weber will help you to discover whether Latisse is right for you. It is a prescription medicine and must be used exactly as directed.

Put your best face forward with long, lustrous eyelashes – book your complimentary Latisse eyelash consultation today.


Before Latisse™
16 weeks of Latisse™ use


Before Latisse™
16 weeks of Latisse™ use