Removal of moles and lesions


Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Dr. Weber specializes in removing a full array of benign growths and lesions including moles, skin tags, and lipomas. Each of these easily treated inconveniences can be dealt with quickly and safely through outpatient treatment. The procedures employed will vary on a case by case basis. Dr. Weber studies all of the variables as a preliminary to choosing the appropriate method to minimize any risk of scarring.

Before booking your consultation with Dr. Weber, make sure to visit your family physician or dermatologist to ensure that these growths are indeed benign. They usually are, but it is crucial to obtain verification of that fact, since early detection of a malignant lesion is the most important factor in preventing a host of conditions.

Whether you are dealing with a raised mole or a discoloured birthmark, benign skin lesions are simple to remove. In most cases, one visit is all it takes – along with a few days of doctor-prescribed precautions to be followed by the patient (i.e. to allow the incision to heal under the bandage and prevent the development of lasting traces).

Take the first step toward smooth, flawless skin – call to book your complimentary mole, cyst or skin tag removal consultation today.