Erbium Information

The erbium laser has a wavelength of 2940nm which is primarily attracted to the water in skin, which causes a controlled ablation of a very fine layer of skin. Tattoos or permanent makeup will not be affected by this laser.


The actual procedure is minimally uncomfortable. The air cooling system used almost reduces the discomfort to nothing. Immediately after the treatment, the heat sensation can be uncomfortable and generally lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to the next day. This is similar to the heat you feel when you have had a sunburn. You may take pain medication if you require it, but this is generally not required.

The full effects of the tightening of the skin will take 6 months to see, as this is a gradual process. You may see from a 20-60% reduction in skin wrinkles. Once the skin has peeled you will see fresher, more even toned skin. This will increase with each future treatment. It is very important at this time to wear a sunscreen to protect this new, fresher skin.

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