Laser Tattoo Removal


Currently the most effective means of removing or fading tattoos is with the Q-switched lasers. They also have the lowest chance of scarring in comparison to other methods. The procedure is minimally uncomfortable, and generally takes approximately 15 minutes per session depending on the size of the tattoo. Usually at least 6 – 12 sessions are required and these treatments are done 6-8 weeks apart. We are able to remove most colours excluding white, yellow and some greens.

Tattoos can only be removed from lighter skin types.

Removal of 100% of the tattoo pigment is not always possible. It is impossible to know exactly the degree of fading that will occur. Professional tattoos generally require more treatments than amateur tattoos. Sometimes fading does not occur until several sessions have been completed. Sometimes there are texture changes to the skin, or a slight colour difference to your other skin. This can be temporary or permanent.

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