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Dr. Stacie Weber provides personalized medical aesthetic solutions tailored to your lifestyle and aspirations. Committed to delivering the best experience possible, your complimentary consultation with Dr. Weber includes discussing all of your options, answering questions and addressing your concerns in a pressure-free environment.

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I met with Dr. Weber for a brief consultation regarding my wants and wishes. The atmosphere was relaxed (it felt like talking with an old friend), she listened intently and determined for my wishes a “Soft Lift™” procedure would enhance my features, giving me the effect I would be most happy with.


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These photos of Dr. Weber’s patients demonstrate some of the possibilities of what our treatments and specialized techniques could do for you. Our clinic offers a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures. These treatments are practically painless and can help prevent and treat the signs of aging.

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Sun Damage

Do you have dryness and discolouration caused by the sun? We can help. That perfect skin in your 20’s starts to change as you age. Those once cute freckles don’t fade with your tan. Those dark spots that remain are actually age spots and if not treated will continue to get worse. The bulk of the sun damage that appears in your 50’s is a result of the excessive sun exposure and sun burns during early life.

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Deep Wrinkles

Aa Rod Stewart says “Maggie...the morning sun, when it’s in your face, really shows your age….”. One of the most reliable signs of someone’s age is the amount and depth of wrinkles. Deep furrows are the result of repeated facial expressions in conjunction with loss of collagen, elastin and fat.

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The term jowls is used to describe sagging skin below the chin and jawline. It is normal to develop jowls as we age due to a loss of elasticity and loss of volume in the face. Only a lucky few will not develop jowls.

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Fine Lines/Wrinkles

As Rod Stewart says “Maggie...the morning sun, when it's in your face, really shows your age….”. One of the most reliable signs of someone’s age is the amount and depth of wrinkles. Fine, superficial lines are caused by UV light exposure, loss of collagen, elastin and fat.

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Unwanted Hair Growth

In today’s culture people are seeking safe and effective hair removal options. Sometimes it is simply removing hair from the legs, underarms and bikini in women, and for men it is often the neck, chest and back. Other times it is excessive hair growth, as is the case with facial hair in women.

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Gummy Smile

When some people smile they show their gums. This can happen because there can be an excess of gum tissue, an overactive upper lip or dental issues. For those who are self-conscious about this particular feature - we can help!

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Take control over excessive sweating. Defined as “sweating beyond what is necessary to cool the body,” hyperhidrosis can seriously diminish self-confidence, limit clothing choices, compromise personal relationships, and even create problems in your professional life. Fortunately, there are treatments available to help!

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Rosacea is a very common skin condition. It tends to be familial and will first appear as an increased tendency to flush more easily than the people around you. Rosacea is exacerbated by exposure to the cold, the heat, alcohol and spicy foods. Rosacea is a chronic, progressive, recurrent condition that can never be cured but can be effectively managed.

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Thin Lashes

Less than normal amount of hair at the lash line is called hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. Eyelashes provide a natural protective barrier for your eyes. They act as a shield against wind and sun, foreign bodies and sweat. In addition to these practical uses lush or thick eyelashes have become a sign of beauty. Lots of people use temporary solutions including false eyelashes and eyelash extensions  but if you want to grow your own lashes longer, thicker, darker … we can help!

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