Botox Recovery Details

As one of the most popular and widely tested non-surgical cosmetic procedures available today, Botox has been repeatedly found to be entirely safe, and with minimal risks and side effects.

The procedure itself can be performed in as little as fifteen minutes, and consists of a series of injections to the face.

Like all injections, some minor discomfort may be felt at the time of injection, but the substance itself will not cause any lasting pain. On occasion, people may experience slight bruising and brief swelling at the injection site, depending on their natural sensitivity to injections. Any bruising and swelling can be easily covered by makeup, and will usually subside within a few hours to few days.

Botox does not take full effect for seven to 10 days. For optimal treatment results we give post treatment instructions that include no rubbing or touching the area, exercising or lying down/sleeping for four hours.

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