Introduction to Soft Lift Procedures

The Soft Lift process is something like an Injectable face lift, combining the rejuvenating effects of both Botox and Juvederm to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fill hollow or gaunt areas of the face, contour the cheeks, chin, and nose, and give the skin the smooth, supple look that goes hand in hand with a youthful appearance.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles to minimize the appearance of permanent lines, and eliminate the dynamic lines that occur when smiling or frowning. Juvederm further softens lines by filling in the creases with a safe and natural Injectable filler, and helps give a youthful fullness to the face by giving back facial volume lost to aging. As a result, under-eye bags and naso-labial folds become less pronounced, eyes look brighter and more open, cheekbones higher, and skin looks fuller, firmer, and better rested. In one simple treatment, all of these problem areas are addressed.

Unlike a surgical facelift, the Soft Lift requires no invasive procedures, little downtime, and virtually no pain. This simple outpatient procedure takes less than an hour, and the results will last as long as one year. While some minor swelling and bruising can occur as a result of the injections, these side effects will only last a few days at most. Compared to the costs and side effects of a surgical lift, the Soft Lift process is the simplest way to create amazingly transformative results.

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