EnVy Pillow

An essential part of a truly therapeutic beauty sleep regimen.

Ergonomically designed to help you maintain the perfect sleeping position throughout the night, the pillow works to reduce or eliminate many of the “sleep lines” that you wake up with in the morning. It is the ideal complement to rejuvenating Botox®, filler or SoftLift™ treatments, and is a prime anti-aging tool in its own right.

Achieve the freshest morning skin of your life.

Get a beautiful night’s sleep and put your best face forward. Call to order your EnVy Pillow today.

Benefits & Facts

  • Reduces Sleep Lines
  • Chiropractor Endorsed
  • Memory Foam Comfort
  • Ergonomic


How do I care for my EnVy Pillow?

EnVy Pillow care is very easy however there are some recommendations to maintain the life of your pillow.

  • Do not wash the memory foam material - to remove spills or stains gently wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
  • Do not use electric blankets or heating pads with your enVy® pillow.
  • Avoid going to bed with wet hair as this will degrade the product.
  • Do NOT fold the enVy pillow as the foam will split.
  • Using the pillow without its custom fitted pillow case will expose the foam to increase wear and tear.

Is the EnVy Pillow for Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers or Belly Sleepers?

The EnVy Pillow is not for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleeping is a habit you should try to break as it damages your face and your spine. But it is perfect for Back and Side sleepers.

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